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Gecko Spa Side Error Codes FLO Pressure switch failure, switch open FLC Pressure switch failure, switch closed Prr Temp sensor failure Prh Hi-limit sensor failure HL Sensor measuring 119 degrees FrE You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. First Name: Last Name: Email: Sign Up So, the next time your spa throws you a OH, OHH or some other Overheat error code, you know what to do. http://ivideoconverter.net/error-code/hot-tub-error-code-hl.html

OHS “Overheat”-The spa has shut down. Proceed step by step, and you should be able to find the cause of the FL, FLO or FLOW error code. Rare system error. System will restart when temp.

Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes

th2/current temperature On startup indicates temperature probe problem. Ecn Spa operating in Economy Mode. One sensor has detected 118º F at heater. If all these test are checked and they did not solve the error code issues, then it is possible you have a defective hi limit sensor.

Turn the power back on, you have five seconds to join the wires together, do not join them before you turn the power on. The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: SN, Sn1, Sn2 Sn3, HL, E1, E3, Prh, HtS, Blinking Lights Again these can be caused by a flow issue. For spas without digital controls, you may need to manually reset the high limit switch near the heater housing. Hot Tub Error Code Oh SnH Hi Limit circuit open or faulty SnS Sensors out of balance, reporting different results SnT Temperature sensor fault, circuit open or faulty SP-F1,F2 or F3 Fuse 1,2 or blown SP-HR

OH, OHH, OHS, OHt, HL, HiLi, Sn2, Sn3, tS, Ht, Blinking Lights Temperature Sensor Failure. Vita Spa Error Codes This is a normal spa function; no further action is necessary.When the auxiliary sensor reads around 40F- (actual temperature dependent on specific auxiliary sensor used), the system provides freeze protection. The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: HL, HFL - This indicates that a substantial difference in temperature between sensors has been detected during heating. - This could indicate a flow https://spacare.com/spasideerrorcodes.aspx System will restart when temp.

Low speed pump (and air blower if so equipped) will activate to assist in lowering temperature.--- = "Watchdog". Great Lakes Hot Tub Error Codes No action is necessary. No action is necessary. Spa has shut down OP Open circuit sensor P1, P2 or P3-ER Pump 1,2 or 3 error or failure pd Power supply interrupted, unit running on battery backup PnL Panel error;

Vita Spa Error Codes

dry Inadequate water detected in heater. (Displays on third occurrence of "dr" message). http://www.hottubworks.com/blog/spa-error-codes-sn-sns-sn1-sn2/ FC Freeze protection. Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes SL = Sleep mode Brett Aqualine Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Temp exceeds 118° F Fr = Freeze condition - temp below 40° FFL = Pressure switch Marquis Spa Error Codes Hi limit sensor is disconnected or shorted or the spa temperature is above 112° F.

Rare system error. check over here Snb Sensor plugged into jack B is not working. Heater is deactivated.FL1 = Water flow problem, inhibited or pressure switch malfunction. One of the sensors has detected that the spa water is 110°F. How To Fix Flo Error Hot Tub

Refill, if necessary. The main reason is water flow through the spa control system, if water is not flowing at a rate to satisfy the pressure switch, it will result in one of the Status of the heater element is unknown. his comment is here Check water level in spa.

Spa has shut down OHS Overheat. How To Fix Sn Code On Hot Tub SnA & SnB Spa is shut down. Then power the system back up, if the error code goes away, the problem was either a dirty filter (clean or replace) or too many jets were closed off.

ICE Potential freeze conditions.

Remove spa cover and let the water cool down. The other pumps and the blower will purge for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at the end of the freeze condition. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Coleman Spa Error Codes If you are unsure of something or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email.

Brett Spa Side Error Codes For more information Regarding Brett Aqualine tech support click here OH Temp exceeds 118 degrees Fr Freeze condition - temp below 40 degrees FL Pressure switch The most common valve; the tee handle valve, will show that the handle is up, but in many cases the gate is still half closed, make sure that it is open This could indicate a flow problem. weblink I wanted to thank you for your time explaining what I needed, as I wasn't 100% sure if what I was ordering was correct.

Also try it this way, Unplug the wires from the pressure switch/flow switch, turn on the pump and then jump the wires. Water temperature has reached 118ºF. Your hot tub is only scheduled for filter 2 times a day for 2 hours. Spa has shut down.

Then power the system back up, if the error code goes away, the problem was either a dirty filter (clean or replace) or too many jets were closed off. If the problem stays SnA, then you have a bad PC board. Underneath the spa, check that all valves are open (handles up). Then power the system back up, if the error code goes away, the problem was either a dirty filter (clean or replace) or too many jets were closed off.

The equipment stays on until the sensors detect that the spa temperature has risen to within 20 degrees of the set temperature.