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This program sometimes causes problems when you need to use parallel port devices, such as parallel port CD-ROM or Hard Disk drives, parallel port tape drives, etc.. Since most applications store data in your system's registry, it is likely that over time your registry suffers fragmentation and accumulates invalid entries which can affect your PC's performance. This task also does not get installed in Windows 98SE and later where both these printers are then known to Windows and do not need external installation media. A page in Help and Support Center with more Headlines is exposed to users when they click the "View more headlines" hyperlink at the bottom of the "Did you know?" section.

hcdetect.exe is not found as a computer virus. Optimize PC performance. Recommendation: Because of its role as, effectively, a printer status information gathering task, this task should be left running since, without it, you will not get useful information from the System You can disable it with The Ultimate Troubleshooter. http://www.dllmost.com/windows-error/177646.html

hbagent.exe is used by 'Unknown'.This is an application created by 'Unknown'. That said, this task does not get installed if you install the printer via the “Add Printer” method and use the folder Disk2 on the installation CD (or the second floppy This background task normally uses 5Mb to 13Mb of memory. Next, if you still have problems, see on our Drivers page if there are newer drivers for your printers which might correct the problem.

Note : if you run Windows2000/XP and you experience 100% CPU usage that you can trace back to HPHMON03/HPHMON04/HPHMON05, then it is probably because your printer port is configured as EPP It runs at Windows startup, does its job, and then closes. If it is found anywhere else,please know that hcdetect.exe may be a virus, adware, trojan, or worm. Hplamp HPLamp.exe (Hewlett-Packard) Energy Star and Fast Lamp Warm-up background task installed by the drivers for many Hewlett-Packard scanners, such as the 3200C, 3300C, 3400C, 4300C, 4400C, 5200C, the list goes

It monitors your USB port. you cannot fax or dialup by modem to the Internet while HOTSYNC is running (in the early versions of the software). This is why HackerWatch also provides reports and graphical up-to-date snapshots of unwanted Internet traffic and threats. http://www.dllany.com/fix-dll-errors/hcdetect.exe.html It is automatically started at boot-up by the "Startup" program group.

Recommendation: Essential for the proper functioning of the PSC 700/900 drivers and software applications. Our recommendation therefore is that, if you experience some of the above problems, immediately update to the latest version of the Palm software as in all likelihood it will resolve all More details at www.HotBar.com. (Be careful NOT to click on the big yellow arrow which says "I have read and I agree to the terms of use" as HotBar will then If problems still remain after the above then disable this task on the Startups tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter in Windows 98/ME, or, in Windows2000/XP, locate it on the Services tab

In principle this program should not be running after the program has been installed properly and the PC rebooted but, unfortunately, on a few PC it does continue to run nevertheless. why not try these out This dynamic interface provides easy, centralized access to information about your business computer to help keep it protected and up to date. This information can be used by HP Support to help troubleshoot system recovery issues. This background service is entirely to do with USB and provides support for Audio devices attached to your USB ports, and for Audio controls operating through a USB connection.

Security is becoming increasingly critical as the Internet continues to see a surge in intrusion attempts, phishing, hacking, and worm and virus outbreaks. Background service installed when you have the Apache Web Server installed on your PC. Users who have disabled it with The Ultimate Troubleshooter report being able to continue using Simple Trax in the normal manner. All of this from one place on your own PC.”.

eFax is a system which allows you to send and receive faxes by e-mail using eFax.com as the router. Alternatively you can use The Ultimate Troubleshooter to disable it from starting up. Recommended: Click here for instant PC assistance for HBAGENT related errors. Thus, if you decide to buy an envelope feeder and attach it to the printer, this task will get your PC to query the printer and automatically incorporate into your printer

Step 7: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will now start scanning your PC for malware. In short, this is what we call adware. Task found on the Startups tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter and whose role is simply to optimize the High Definition Audio features of Windows depending on the HD sound card in

To uninstall HP Support Assistant choose the “Tools \ Control Panel” option in TUT, then Programs & Features and uninstall HP Support Assistant.

Problem : These programs belong to a particular set of HP drivers which are notoriously buggy and unless you have a lot of time on your hand, and patience, we recommend It is truly amazing : in December 2010, and beyond, HP/Compaq make stunning new laptops, and yet they laden those laptops with this utterly irritating and debilitating program. The annoying thing about having this program running when it should not, is that when it is running there are two other of its siblings which run also, HPZDUI01.EXE, and HPZNUI01.EXE, The Colorific color calibration software comes bundled with a number of high end video cards.

Hpobkgo1 HPObkgo1 (Hewlett-Packard) This background program is called by HPOJVDIX described below. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will delete all of the files and registry keys of viruses and add them to the software quarantine. Recommendation : If you use your digital camera often, this system is extremely convenient and user-friendly. Hpmdlbwa Hpmdlbwa.exe (Hewlett-Packard) Scan Button task for the HP OfficeJet R Series.

HP have issued patches and software updates to this patch but it still remains a very flaky piece of software in our opinion. Recommendation: Down to end-user requirements. Only update your drivers when you actually have problems that need fixing – to do that, navigate to HP through our Drivers page. This System Tray task is installed when you install the Palm Desktop software for Palm handheld computers.

In addition to providing a visual status of your HP printer or camera, this task also monitors your printer or camera for events relating to the imaging functions of your printer If you have A LOT OF TIME on your hands, however, and you are patient, and you have Windows XP or Windows Vista, and you are an advanced user, and you Reply to quoted postsClear Spellhold Studios → The Deviant's Cell → The Operating Theatre Guidelines Mark Community Read Downloads Forums Members Mark all as read Help Community Forum Software by Recommendation : This program originates from a particular range of drivers whose installation were problematic at the best of times.

Recommendation: Leave alone. Recommendation: Down to end-user preference.