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Head crash and How to recover –user55518 Feb 7 '14 at 15:30 | show 4 more comments protected by Community♦ Feb 24 '15 at 19:18 Thank you for your interest in It's a great file system, and a wonderful volume manager, if you are careful and know what you are doing. The fellow who had built it for him was an IBM technician and gave him the hair dryer idea because that is what IBM used to do to restart the drives If boot, then HD is good. (See step #3) If No-boot, then replace HD.Step 3. have a peek at this web-site

Try the drive in another machine, (slight drive voltage change assumed to be the miracle worker here).4. share|improve this answer edited Nov 8 at 23:38 answered Aug 9 '15 at 13:28 Michael Kjörling 19.1k45185 17 Thanks for actually posting a sensible answer that explains what's going on. If it is spinning, power it down and clean the connector with the cleaner of your choice. Turn Off or On Write Precomp?32bit disk accessSymptom: Drive does not spin up: "Sticktion"Treatment: Basics Lightly tap the side of the drive case with a screwdrive?r?no power Lightly tap the side http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/112050/recovering-data-from-a-damaged-hard-drive-the-freezer-trick

Freeze Hard Drive Myth

It's even worse if the drive fails in some non-standard and/or unexpected way, which can certainly happen if the drive is marginal. If the disk is there, then I would suggest using GHOST or similar to copy the image from disk to disk.? Shockingly, it ran for a few hours while I recovered most of the data. A bad hard drive could cause the Autodetect to misread settings.2.

Here’s how to create an image backup of your entire hard drive, data and all. It reeks of a possible failure if only worth is $10 for parts. Usually the answer is over 512 megabytes. Snap Spin Hard Drive If the battery is removable, then pull the battery and flash the CMOS.Try rebooting.If that doesn't work, put the Quick Restore disks in, reboot, and exit to DOS when you get

This can shrink up something inside that might let it run long enough to get critical data. Clicking Hard Drive Recovery Why does this work? freezer cycle that the drive(s) would let me get any data off of them I'd of gone with that route. Swap hard drive from A to B and boot.

To put this in perspective, a single strand of DNA at around 2.5nm would barely fit through the gap between the heads and the platters.When you freeze a hard drive, it Hard Drive Drop Test The two main causes for this would be load-on-demand executable code, and swap. Proffitt Forum moderator / April 30, 2007 7:19 AM PDT In reply to: Hard Drive In Freezer question This doesn't make it work again. I was up and running.

Clicking Hard Drive Recovery

I tried the freezing method a couple of times successfully. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/112050/recovering-data-from-a-damaged-hard-drive-the-freezer-trick After checking for the usual problems (power, cables, jumpers, etc.) and finding that the drive was in fact not spinning, I have had great success jarring the disk with my palm Freeze Hard Drive Myth Consider too shelving the drive until you find the parts or have the money to deal with it. How To Revive A Hard Drive So what happens is that the OS issues a "read sectors" command to the disk, and the particular sectors are somehow damaged.

Returning a drive to its previous state is a goal but may simply be more costly than recovering the data and replacing the drive. Check This Out share|improve this answer answered Aug 11 '15 at 17:46 Jens 494416 2 Actually, there are disk failures that ZFS doesn't deal well with. Some drives suddenly lost all of their data possibly due to corrupted FAT, but otherwise, continue to work fine once initialized and formatted. I think this answer could benefit from information about how Windows handles errors in its disk subsystem. –Jordan Rieger Aug 11 '15 at 20:51 1 @MichaelKjörling Fair enough. Get Hard Drive Working Again

If you need to access an exotic file system, BeOS 4.5 is almost sure to have a driver available for it. Also a cable to be able to connect the disk to your computer. But now, storage experts say, you stand a better chance of making the problem worse. “No matter what that article might say, the freezer trick doesn’t work,” Scott Moyer, the president at Source The crux of it is as follows (but do read the full instructions!): Place the damaged hard drive inside of a ziploc freezer bag, so that no moisture gets in. (Use

Most of this is just learning about disks at this point. Freezer Trick Iphone near-English identifiers -- what exactly are those? Also just because the disk is damaged doesn't mean the controller isn't, especially if an electrical fault damaged the disk. –Chris H Aug 10 '15 at 9:02 The accepted

I asked them if they could replace the circuit board and they told me they don't: I'd better look for an identical disk on ebay and try it out myself.

It makes the data more 'readable,' but for a one-shot deal. A series of 'clicking' sound usually signifies multiple bad sectors including the boot sector that can prevent drive from booting. Using another file copier or another operating system won't magically make things better, except that it might try to set different timeout values to reduce the impact of the problem (which Zip Top Freezer Bag Step 1: Make Sure You Are Prepared to Recover the Data There is no point in trying to freeze the old hard drive if you are not prepared to immediately copy

Third, shake the drive a few times in an up-and-down motion, like you're trying to hammer a nail. It Doesn’t Last Long If you are able to get the spindle to start working by freezing, it likely won’t last for long. Luckily I have a partial back-up of the data (but a complete one would be better). –Giorgio Feb 3 '14 at 19:56 The manufacturers change chips on boards and have a peek here Swap drive and cables from B to A and connect to MB.

Point #1 is one of the main selling points for SAS on servers; SAS has significantly better error handling than SATA. Flag Permalink Reply current community chat Unix & Linux Unix & Linux Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Again these are last resort techniques and you ARE planning on replacing the HD anyway.From here, one of several software products are available to assist you as long as the drive Thus, the disk goes into retry mode to try to get the data off the platters, trying the read again and again until it gets good enough data that the disk's

Luckily I have a partial back-up of the data (but a complete one would be better). –Giorgio Feb 3 '14 at 19:56 The manufacturers change chips on boards and Why would an incredibly long lived race not be known for their scarring? In order to squeeze more and more data onto the platter surface, hard drives have extraordinarily small clearances between the heads and platters. on SuperUser, two alternative-medicine remedies to try before freezing are: (1) "Place the hard drive on a smooth surface.